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XBox 360 Kinect is here and we are showing you how to get it for free. Kinect formerly known as "Project Natal" is bringing gaming to life. Kinect will bring games and entertainment to a whole new level. No controller required with Kinect you are the controller, your movement, your face, your voice, all easily and effortlessly transforming how you play and experince games. With the Kinect sensor, gaming will be experienced like never seen before. This new technology allows the sensor to track your body and mirror your movements making you the controller in the game. Kinect recognizes your body movements in 3-D, face, and even can hear the emotions in your voice. Games and entertainment will be better than ever.

Product Features

Color VGA Motion Camera: 640x480 pixel resolution

Depth Camera: 640x480 pixel resolution @30FPS

4 microphones that support single speaker voice recognition

Body Motion technology that includes body recognition

Weight/Height: 1 pound    8"x3"x8"

Compatible with all XBox 360 models

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Free Kinect

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