You can get all the great Kinect games you want for free also. Freebiejeebies has any 3 games you want together in a deal. If you don't already have the new Xbox 360 250gb slim you can even get that for free from Freebiejeebies. Here are the games available for Kinect on the Xbox 360. We are dedicated to helping you get anything you need for free. Just use the contact page.

Star Wars
Steel Battalion Heavy Armor
Heavy Fire Afghanistan
The Gunstringer
Self Defense Training Camp
UFC Trainer
Hulk Hogans Main Event
Minute to Win It
Disney Rush Pixar Adventure
SpongeBob Surf and Skate Roadtrip
Power Up Heroes
Rise of Nightmares
Motion Explosion
Nicktoons MLB
Twister Mania
ABC Wipeout
Fantastic Pets
Carnival Games
Sonic Free Riders
Dance Party in Motion
Dance Central
Deca Sports Freedom
Kinect Joy Ride
Harry Potter
Motion Sports
Adrenalin Misfits
Dance Masters
Zumba Dance Party
Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout
Your Shape Fitness Evolved
Children of Eden
Kinect Active 2
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